Professional Landscape Filter Kit

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This Professional Landscape filter kit is perfect for shooting beautiful landscape images in any lighting condition. Neutral Density filters are useful for using longer shutter speeds during the day without closing down your aperture such as waterfalls, streams and rivers. Graduated Neutral Density filters are great for balancing out bright skies when the foreground is much darker. This kit includes everything you need to get started.

Why is our kit different than others? With our professional kit, you can shoot up to 16mm on a full frame (35mm equivalent) camera without vignetting or seeing the filter holder in the shot. These filters are 100mm X 150mm (Z-PRO size 4"X6") and are held in a specially designed holder to achieve this. Filters are made from optical resin.

This filter kit includes a square filter holder, adapter ring, 8 filters, and case. It also includes and expandable adapter to hold two filters at once, but will limit how wide you can shoot. With the expanded adapter 24mm is the widest focal length on fill frame.

Kit includes:

1- stop ND

2- stop ND

3- stop ND

4- stop ND

1- stop graduated ND

2- stop graduated ND

3- stop graduated ND

4- stop graduated ND

Filter Holder

Adaptor Ring

LowePro Filter Case

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