Powerhouse 9000 MAH Power Pack for Phones and Tablets

$ 59.95
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The ProMaster PowerHouse 9000mAh is raw power for your mobile devices. Its 9000mAh of battery power can charge small devices such as smart phones over and over. It can also charge large devices, like tablets, through a high output 2.4A charging port. The PowerHouse 9000 is both stylish and durable thanks to its svelte aluminum housing. A carry pouch, charging cord, and wall outlet AC adapter are included.

+ Cell Capacity: 3.7VDC, 9000mAh+ Input: 5VDC, 0.5-2.0A
+ Output #1: 5VDC, Max. 2.4A
+ Output #2: 5VDC, Max. 1.0A


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