Lowepro Flipside 500

$ 219.99

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The Lowepro Flipside 500 (and 400) are some of the best designed camera backpacks we have come across. The Flipside 500 offers an enormous amount of space for gear and is designed to handle the weight that would go along with that. This is the largest of the Flipside series and hand hold massive lenses. The fabric and materials are top quality and will provide years of use and abuse. The Flipside 500 also features real hiking waist straps that are found on internal frame hiking packs. These waist straps are designed to be tightened down above the hips so that the weight of the bag is resting on the hips instead of the shoulders. This makes it possible to carry heavier loads longer distances without getting fatigued. We especially like the top "pick up" handle that is well made and comfortable to hold. The 400 and 500 also feature a flip out rain cover to add another level of protection if needed. Every feature of this bag is well designed and thought through.

This bag also comes in two smaller sizes, the Flipside 300 and Flipside 400.


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