Canon EF 135mm f2L USM

$ 999.00
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This lens is very well put together with a massive rubber grip for focus and a large front element. The ultrasonic focus is very quick, quiet, and accurate whether shooting a fast moving subject or a still object. Although 135 is not one of the most popular focal lengths, people tend to say it is one of the sharpest L lens.

  • 135mm Prime
  • L-series glass
  • f/2 Maximum aperture
  • Ultrasonic Motor

At f/2 the 135 is decently sharp and as you stop down it gets increasingly better. The bokeh it creates at f/2 is quite nice and liquidy. At 135 this lens is not exactly a telephoto lens and may be more suitable for indoor shooting – especially with a maximum aperture at f/2.

The 135mm is a great prime lens for shooting portraits on a full framed camera like the 5D Mark III or 6D. On a cropped sensor-ed camera like any of the Rebel series, this lens will be very zoomed in making it necessary to be pretty far from your subject. This lens is tack sharp as long as your shutter speed is quick enough because this lens does not feature Image Stabilization. However, with a maximum aperture of f2 it can allow quite a bit of light into the lens.

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