026 Umbrella Bracket

$ 40.00
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Manfrotto's 026 Umbrella bracket has been an industry standard for years. This bracket attaches to the top of a light stand and will hold an umbrella, hotshoe flash, or a variety of other items. It features a side mount lever that tilts the top section making it easy to aim or adjust flashes or umbrellas. Included are removable studs (double male, 1/4-20 + 3/8-20) and (double female 1/4-20 + 3/8-20) that can be used to adapt the bracket to the top of a tripod, or attach other objects. This bracket is very durable and made of aluminum with a black finish. Many photographers have had these for years and very seldomly replace them because of their durability. Buy it once, buy it for life.
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