24/7 Access

Book the studio any time you need to shoot. Our electronic door system lets you use the studio whenever is most convenient for you and your clients.

Mobile Bookings

Reserve your studio times from your desktop or mobile phone with our online booking system. Check availability instantly from anywhere so you and your clients can schedule your shoot as easily as possible.

All the Gear

Paper backdrop or cloth. Continuous light or strobe. Softbox, octabox, strip box, or beauty dish. We’ve got everything you need to get the job done, and all the stands and clamps to place it just where you need it.

How to Apply

$60/month + $30/hour

Save over our regular store-hour studio rates, and get access to the studio when the store closed.

  • $60 per month when paid annually ($720 per year)
  • $100 per month when paid monthly

Total Cost Comparison

The more you use the studio, the more you save with a membership. Savings start to add up with as few as four one-hour sessions per month when you purchase an annual membership.

One-Hour Sessions Standard Cost Member Cost Member Savings
4 $200 $180 $20
8 $400 $300 $100
12 $600 $420 $180
16 $800 $540 $260
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    Limited Availability

    Our studio membership program will be open to just twelve photographers. We want you to be able to book the studio when you need it, and limiting our membership makes that possible.


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