Canon 600EX-RT II

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$ 479.99
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Canon's 600EX-RT has been designed for both reliability and performance for professional flash photography.  This speedlite (as it is commonly called) gives the photographer much more power compared to the pop-up flash that may be equipped on a Canon DSLR. The 600EX-RT also has the ability to rotate the direction of the flash enabling bouncing off of the ceiling or a wall for a more natural look. The Canon speedlite system can also be used off camera in a number of different ways. Some options include using a built in camera flash to fire the speedlite remotely, the master-slave system if used with another flash, or it's own built-in two-way radio transmitter. The built-in radio allows you to use it as a transmitter or receiver with compatible Speedlite Transmitters and other 600RT flashes.

  • Adjustable Swivel head
  • 20-200mm zoom head
  • Built in wireless transceiver
  • Metal Foot and improved build quality
  • LCD-dot panel display
  • Water & Dust sealing
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