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Posted on September 08, 2017 by Sean MacDonald

Last week we posted about the best lenses for wedding photography. A couple days later, Sean had a wedding to shoot. So we thought it would be fun to show what he took with him! So here is a sneak into what he took and why. Here are his thoughts:


Canon 5DIV: Love this camera as the focus is amazing. I found out first hand that Live View is MUCH more accurate and dependable than the optical focus system. I also love any camera that shoots dual cards so I can have an immediate backup. Redundancy is important when shooting weddings.


Canon 17-40 f4L: Something wide. I knew this was going to be an outside wedding and we would have a good amount of light. If I was shooting an indoor wedding, or a late reception, I would have opted for the faster 16-35 f2.8L III.



Canon 50 f1.2L: Something Fast. I wanted at least one lens that had a VERY large aperture incase I get myself into a really low light situation. At f1.2, this lens collects so much light, it can get you out of a bind in almost any situation.



Canon 100L Macro: Something Macro. This is my go-to lens for weddings. It is amazing at details. It is amazing at portraits. It is amazing at about anything in between. I find this lens on my camera about half of the day.



Tamron 70-200: Something Long. I need a good long telephoto lens to capture things far away. Whether it is the bride and groom at the altar, or a detail shot like the one below. (This is the brides horse). A good telephoto zoom lens cannot be replaced. I grabbed the Tamron version because I wanted to test it out and get familiar with it compared to the Canon version I usually use. I really liked this lens, but our copy needs to be micro adjusted badly. It was front focusing about 10' or so on this shot. I flipped the 5DIV to Live View, where the focusing is on the sensor not through the optical viewfinder and it nailed this shot. We will be micro adjusting our copy this week.



So as you can see I sort of stuck with the advice we posted before, but kind of mixed the two categories a bit. A few primes and a few zooms. But most importantly, I have my focal lengths covered. I have some zooms to give me flexibility, and some primes for low light.


Let us know below what you prefer for your ideal wedding gear setup!

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