New addiction: Big Glass

Posted on November 14, 2015 by Sean MacDonald

I have a new addiction. Its BIG GLASS. Specifically the Canon 400mm f2.8L lens. I recently brought this lens into our rental fleet with wildlife and sports photographers in mind, but now I take it out any chance I get. Lets be honest though, it's a monster to haul around and it looks absurd. But the attention it receives can be fun too.

When I started out in photography, like many others, I only had starter level equipment (Canon Rebel XT). As I did more and more paid shoots, I was able to slowly add gear to my bag. This mostly happened by reading about lenses online and then ordering them and hoping I liked what I had just bought. Being a broke college student, I also only bought what I absolutely needed. At that time there was not a local store in my area to look at gear in person, and certainly no place to rent equipment. I did find myself renting a few lenses from online warehouses, but the shipping charges were as much as the rental. Quickly I found myself doing that less and less. Like many photographers without the accessibility to try different gear, I have always wondered about big expensive equipment. I have a feeling I am not alone in this.

Up until I purchased this Canon lens, I had never seen a lens this big in person let alone shot with one. I think we all love looking at expensive equipment and wondering what it would be like to use it. Sometimes we think it will solve all of our problems, even if this isn't completely true. "If I only had that piece of equipment, I would be a much better photographer" is the excuse we tell ourselves when we are not satisfied with our photography.

For those around Dubuque, the great thing now is that you can find out if this is true or not. Good or bad, you have no more excuses. Rent that piece of gear and see what you can do with it. Some will find that their delusions will come to an end. Other may be surprised at how well they really could do with the proper equipment. Either way, rentals provide a way to find out what you are really made of.

I have had so much fun recently with this lens that I wanted to share the excitement with others. I have tried more types of photography than I ever would have without it. If you want to give this big lens a shot, our rental fees are very reasonable at $50 per day or $80 for the weekend. Here are a few sample photos with this lens:

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