New Black Rapid Strap: The Cross Shot

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Mark Fuentebella

Sometimes using a regular camera strap is a hassle because it can get in the way, but not having any camera strap can be a great risk for your gear. Black Rapid straps have been a great option to keeping gear securely latched to your body while out of the way.

One big advantage of having a Black Rapid strap is that while you move your camera up and down from your side to your face to take a shot, the strap can stay in place while the camera slides up and down. This allows you to put your camera down quicker without having to readjust the strap and your shirt too much each time.

Black Rapid's new 'Cross Shot' has a rubber grip area that keeps the strap firmly in place on your shoulder even when you have the camera up to your face. Although it may have a rugged look, the 'Cross Shot' grip is still very flexible and if anything, more flexible than any of the other straps offered by Black Rapid.

The Black Rapid straps also have a locking carabiner similar to climbing carabiners to avoid accidental detachment. The Cross Shot also comes with an additional security clip that goes around the sides and covers the open side of the caribiner. In order to open it you must un-clip one side of the plastic covering, and then unscrew the locking mechanism. The nice thing is that you can choose to use this attachment or not. With it, you get more security, but without it you get faster changes between cameras, or mounting your camera on a tripod.

 If a bright orange strap is a little too loud for your shooting we also offer this strap in black! Each color is only $44.95!

Post by Mark Fuentebella

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