Canon 8-15 Fisheye (BOSS Rental lens)

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Sean MacDonald
Just wanted to post my thoughts on our newly acquired Canon EF 8-15 f4L Fisheye lens that we just got today for our rental services. I titled the post "BOSS Rental Lens" for a few reasons.

First, ever since spending a summer in the Adirondack Mountains at Deerfoot Lodge, I use the word "boss" for anything awesome, cool, or steller.

The second reason I titled it "BOSS Rental Lens" is that because like many unique perspective lenses, they are fun for a while, but the look can become annoying if overused. I would never shoot a whole wedding or portrait session with a fisheye lens, and I'm sure the client would not be a fan either. But... I would take a fisheye to a wedding or vacation and take a handful of shots and sprinkle them conservatively throughout the album. For this reason, it may be hard to justify buying a $1500 fisheye lens for 10-20 shots a year. This is where is becomes a good rental candidate. Instead of dropping the $1500 and watching your lens depreciate, and collect dust on the shelf, rent it for $40 a day once or twice a year. This may also help you with the temptation to over use it and become "that guy" who has albums of just fisheye pictures (I might be turning into that guy).

The third reason I find this a "BOSS Rental Lens" is because it is a fisheye that is just as useful to the crop sensor crowd as well as the full frame. We previously had the EF 15 f2.8 Fisheye in our rental lineup, but I quickly saw that the fisheye effect was barely noticeable on smaller sensor cameras. For that reason, I would caution Rebel, 60D and 7D users to put it on there camera first and seeing if it is the look they are going for before renting it. Now, with the 8-15 fisheye, when you zoom out to 8mm or even 10mm, you still get that signature look. And on a full frame, you can choose between the complete circle view or the standard fisheye look that fills the frame. So this new fisheye has essentially doubled the customer base who should rent this lens compared to the previous fisheye.

This lens is also very easy to get your feet, legs, and even chest in the photo, so be careful. Also make sure you dress nice when shooting this lens, nothing says professional like chicken grease stains on your white shirt! (and make sure you wear pants)

Here are some quick photos I snapped while not going out of eyesight of the store. The first batch are with the full frame 5DIII.

 Zoomed to 15mm

These next photos are with the 7D, and you can see you still get that nice fisheye look with the smaller sensor.

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