Pro Sales Rep!

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Sean MacDonald
I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you all to Mark Fuentebella, the newest member of the Everything Photography team. Mark is our Pro Sales Rep. and will be taking care of the needs of our professional photographers in the area. His desire is to sit down with you individually to evaluate how we as a store can better serve you moving forward. It is important to us to know all of our customers individually and where they are going as photographers so that we can help in any way possible. Maybe you are looking for new gear, or maybe your are looking to downsize your gear and would like to sell off some stuff. Maybe you are just looking for other pro photogs to connect with or vent to. We are here to help.

Another service we desire to offer our pro group is to have an emergency contact card to reach us if the unthinkable happens during a photo shoot. Say your camera has an error. OK, you have a back up camera right? But what happens if you drop your 70-200 f2.8 IS II lens? Do you have back up lenses? That's where we want to offer our rentals to help you get through this tragic time. As long as you are in the Dubuque area, and we have more than one person at the store, we will deliver a new or rental lens, body, or whatever you need to get through the shoot without leaving. We honestly hope you never have to use this service, but we want to be here just in case. We also can not guarantee we will have what you need, or always be available, but we will try our best! So you just might see Mark's bright and shining face show up and save your butt.

If you are not familiar with our camera store, we are located in Dubuque Iowa, and specialize in new and used camera equipment, as well as camera rental, lens rental, and photography classes and photography workshops. Feel free to contact us at (563) 845-7207, or visit our website at www.everyphotostore.com
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