Store Renovation!

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Sean MacDonald
I just wanted to post some before and after pictures of our store renovation as well as some photos along the way. It was in pretty rough shape when we first signed the lease, but with some hard work, we whipped it into shape. Most people were not able to see it when we first started, but I wanted to share the exciting transformation. I had a bunch of help from many friends and a ton from my wife Ana. I still have a few things I would still like to do, but it is defiantly getting closer to the goal. I do miss the little blue girl though!

First day I signed the lease and they gave me the key!
Cleaning the windows for the first time before the decal was put on. There was a lot of random paint splatters and junk from previous years. They cleaned up really nice though!
Rented a uhaul trailer and made a run to Ikea.
Ikea was filled with difficult decisions. When in doubt, I went with the cheapest option
 Build a counter in the office for all of the boring but important paperwork
My entire opening order came from Canon in these two boxes. Amazing how much money fits in small packages!
 Free advertising on the sidewalk!
No project is without casualties.
Coffee mugs next to real versions!
Now Open!
If you are not familiar with our camera store, we are located in Dubuque Iowa, and specialize in new and used camera equipment, as well as camera rental, lens rental, and photography classes and photography workshops. Feel free to contact us at (563) 845-7207, or visit our website at www.everyphotostore.com
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